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What is the most popular wedding dress colour? And do the colours have any significance?

White is seen as purity and innocence, and has been the tradition for centuries. Ivory is for the more mature bride that has either been married before or just wants something different than the usual white.

Some brides choose to have pastel pink shades or very demure shades of green, it really all depends on the personality of the bride and her beliefs

Celebrity brides are known to go wild with their colour choices, everyone remembers the famous Pink princess dress that Katie Price wore to her ceremony with Peter Andre, And what about Pink with her white dress with the striking Black bow at the front.

Pink Dress, to match pink wedding garters white and black wedding garter

19/10/11 - if you dont see anything you like on our website you can contact us and design your own garter! we can work with you and come up with a fantastic design that will match your wedding theme, dress, bridesmaids or whatever you like.
we have a wide selection of colours to choose from.

9/8/11 - Personalised Wedding set - Wedding Garters, Ring Pillow, Guest Book Personalised Wedding Set White - Garters, Pillow & Guest Book

Personalised Wedding Set White - Garters, Pillow & Guest Book
6/8/11 - Organza princess Wedding GartersOrganza Princess - Wedding Garters set of 2Organza Princess - Wedding Garters set of 2
4/8/11 - Diamond Wedding gartersDiamond Wedding Garter in White - PERSONALISEDDiamond Wedding Garter in White - PERSONALISED

Personalised Wedding Set White - Garters, Pillow & Guest Book
2/8/11 - Our latest Wedding Garters Royal Princess Wedding Garters Collection
Royal Princess Wedding Garters

29/7/11 - New Guest book rangePersonalised Wedding Guest Book in WHITE
25/7/11 - new white wedding garters added
White Wedding Gartersprincess bride personalised wedding garter

14/3/11 Have just added a new wedding garter - turquoise with white satin ribbon - have a look here

Turquoise Wedding Garter

12/3/11 - We have just launched a new range of organza satin lined wedding garters, available in blue, white, purple with white, and more colours coming soon...

8/3/2011 - Hi, this is my first blog update, been meaning to do this for some time and am finally getting around to it!

I want to start blogging about everything wedding! especially wedding garters and keep you updated on my new products. speak soon.... :) .