About Us

Belavi Weddings was formed in 2009 from the desire to bring a unique and personalised touch to wedding celebrations.

What began as a small home business operating out of Sydney has now become one of the top rated sellers, and is rapidly expanding into bridal stores and various other online avenues.

"I was asked by a friend to make a garter for her wedding, as she couldn’t find anything that she liked in bridal stores or online. After that, more and more friends began asking me to design their garters - so I knew I was on to something!"

"The thing which I believe our customers like most about us is the personalised service we offer. Our ‘personal touch’ is in everything we do - from our dedication to detail through to the flexibility to have completely tailored messages and designs – such as the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date and unique bows."

I am very excited about being able to add that special touch to a day which has such lasting memories for so many people. Thank you for taking the time to read about our business and I hope our unique personalised wedding accessories can help to make your day truly memorable.


Founder of Belavi Weddings