Personalised Wedding Garters Australia

Personalised Wedding Garters Australia
Personalised Garters for every bride, we have all colours and styles to suit your wedding theme.
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Personalised Wedding Garters Australia are absolutely a significant accessory to include to your wedding.

We have garters in almost any colour and design to go well with your theme.

Bridal garters are a unique wedding custom at any reception. Have your Husband take off your garter and throw it to all of the single bachelors.

The old saying in Australia is that whoever catches the garter would get married to the lucky girl that caught the flower bouquet. An extraordinarily exciting manner in which to get your entire bridal party included into a fun game at the wedding ceremony. Our creations are exceptional, elegant, stunning, exciting.

At Belavi Wedding Garters all garters are handmade in Australia. We have many styles to choose from but we can also make custom garters especially made to your design. you can choose from a set of 2 so you can have one to keep and one to toss or you can just purchase the one. here are some examples of custom orders we have made for brides to be!

1 keepsake personalised garter made out of black and pink satin and organza, with a silver heart charm and personalised bow in black with silver print Left side: Peggy & Danny Right side: 6th October 2012

Personalised Garter set made from royal blue and white lace with a delicate twin heart charm personalised bow is blue with silver print Left side: Daniel & Sandra Right side: 21st April 2012

blue garters

We have many beautiful blue garters for you to choose from, we are sure you will find your "Something Blue" at Belavi Weddings

At present, the tradition of many wedding garters is tame compared to France in the 14th century. In Australia, the bride wears 2 garters; one to be a keepsake garter along with the other of the toss. Both personalised garters are usually worn on the right leg just above the knee. but it really doesn't matter these days! Prior to the toss of the garter, the bride first throws her bouquet into the single ladies. The groom removes the toss garter from the brides leg, sometimes he takes it off it with his teeth, but more fittingly in todays senario he uses his hands.

He does as the bride is sitting in a chair. When it is removed, he then tosses it to the single boys, whoever catches it then takes the garter and places it at the leg of the girl who has caught the bouquet. People who catch either gift are said to be the next lucky couple to marry. The keepsake garter is taken off later in secret throughout the honeymoon night. The bridal garter custom seems to have been changing over the years

In parts of Europe the guests of many bride and groom couples considered owning a part of the bride’s outfit was going to bring them good luck. They would actually rip the brides gown apart by pulling off pieces of it. Needlessly to say, this tradition did not go down well with the bride, so she started tossing different items to the attendees – the garter could constitute one of which.

Personalised Wedding Garters Australia
personalised wedding garters australia

"Wedding Garters can be made to match your gown or wedding theme

Get you name and wedding date printed on you personalised bow